19 Ianuarie 2018

Intrare liberă!

Alexandru Muraru
Matei Toșa
Alexandra Mocan

WWKD is an abbreviation for “What Would Kierkegaard Do”, and the expression is developed around some matters which concern part of Kierkegaard`s philosophy- our position around it being mostly distant rather than determined to dig into the depths of the knowledge he left us (cause if we would, we may regret it). It`s an irony which reminds of the popular bracelets engraved with the initials WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) stating in this context the need to reflect ourselves into some things we admire and sometimes, probably, can`t understand.

We`re not really asking ourselves what K. would do, neither God is involved here; the exhibition is a reflection upon the need of hanging on various purposes in order to have the impression that our lives are good. Some of us tend to filter life as a bucket list, live and find meaning trough the fulfillment which we may obtain once our desires have developed. Sometimes accomplishment may destroy the power of belief: once a thing is accomplished, we tend to want to find out more about it or the world, to do more, to possess more, to go further to the next step, everything faster, and if it`s possible NOW, and this is why it`s essential to have in our background an abstract belief in order to project a higher level of meaning for which we accept the non-accomplishing possibility. Some of us do, some of us don`t, but what is certain is that there are so many things and habits to fool ourselves with. Self-appreciation is usually shaped like this, self-depreciation as well. As long as we hang on to routines in which our purpose is to do things at their best, we may find ourselves someday too old and with that ‘more of it’ never accomplished.

We`re questioning what’s happening with us in general, what is going on with all the nonsense around, and how the material, non-abstract world can be conserved. We don`t provide any answers, we`re just illustrating the irony that may be felt in a position of naive purposes.

We`re inviting you to reflect upon your best, and leave it for a while behind. WWYD?

Alexandra Mocan