Hybrid Polarities


29 Martie 2018

Intrare liberă!

On the other side of the sidewalk there is a lookalike which may have passed the Turing test and now understands you. Making out a distinction from dragged empathy to real emotions could require a Chinese room*. Wondering if there is any way to extinct mimicry – probably reducing the concept of failure would do; or increasing safeness.

The collective consciousness is slipping on the pixels of a pre-historical banana peel, embracing the tragedy of the commons. Everything can be re-seeded and if we wanted, we could shape pre-existence as well. Bringing back to life what you killed could become an ordinary thing, so here`s a reason to believe in humanity in case you are not practicing it already.

Semiotics and automation. Per aspera ad astra in Morse code, Per aspera ad astra in Braille, Per aspera ad astra written in Binary code. But what if the stars are a trick, once you get there..what?..what happens?
Per aspera ad astra written backwards.

Don`t bother me now, cause I`m busy becoming better than the machine, better than the model. There is a hyper-potential hiding somewhere and we must hunt it, we must make it ourselves. But once you get into this you`ll find out that there is so much conformation in this type of behavior, so much pressure, so many standards which are increasing from day to day which you have to catch up with. This god I want to believe in is continuously changing, I feel it unreachable and I find myself fooled. I don`t understand what I want to become anymore. Or what I should become. Or, what you want me to become.

Grab your own hand in case you feel anxious, cause you`re alone in all this. Everything is a projection for escaping this big loop of emptiness, and no matter how much we built, no matter how big and good and `best` we become, we can`t escape this. But overall, the sweet lie of what we project lasts for a while.

Alexandra Mocan

————————————————————————————————– * The Chinese room argument (John Searle) holds that a program cannot give a computer a “mind”, “understanding” or “consciousness”, regardless of how intelligently or human-like the program may make the computer behave.


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