CSS: Under the skin (2013) & dj set Vlad Ivva/Random Brandon


7 Iunie 2018

Intrare liberă!

Dj set on terrace:18:00
Film on terrace: 21:30
Dj set inside: 23:30

Materiality / Material / De-materialisation – Separation from the matter, losing or making it lose the matter it contains. This is where the aesthetic experience offered by director Jonathan Glazer starts in Under the skin, a movie with a subject that pretty much shorts the visual flow. An alien presence occupies the body of a woman who drives on the streets of Scotland, seducing and abducting hitchhikers to lead them in a dimension where the human body is atrophied.
Somehow Scarlett Johansson’s anonymous and eclectic character is the full expression of this liquefaction as she throws her victims in a kind of aesthetic inferno, consuming their vitality. Jonathan Glazer’s formless and formidable quirk act as a black pond that decants the mind from the senses and dematerializes the human being to the shadow.
The humorous twist that takes this character as ludicrous, so feminine and mechanistic, materializes at the end when all that cybernetic sensuality exfoliates, leaving the last man in the shell, perhaps a plea for artificial intelligence.

text written by Stefan Aganencei

Vlad Ivva

Random Brandon


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Artwork: Alexandra Mocan

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