CSS: Turtles can fly (Bahman Ghobadi, 2005) & dj set Akos


18 Ianuarie 2018

Intrare liberă !

The story takes place in an uncanny landscape where the sky is present in almost every shot as a reminder for the possibilities that life holds: always encountering an obstacle, or a source for something more. The action is set two weeks before the American invasion in Iraq, just before the fall of Saddam Hussein, and the entire film could be read somehow as a protest- mostly as a form of stating the condition of not having alternatives for choices, and not as a material with the aim to provide ideologies.
You may think there is a drop of surrealist direction, but what you`ll meet here is a bunch of kids running their own lives, kids who can tell you that chemical weapons smell like garlic and grass, who in the same time are looking over the horizon after helicopters which they expect to bring a better life. Here trauma meets two borders and it`s caught in between, and any kind of prediction is highly important, because `war does not warn when it`s coming**“. [**quote from the film]
Powerful characters are revealed during this minesweeper game where one way not to reflect upon the misery of life is to be too busy for that, and Satellite, the main character of the film is portrayed this way, being at the same time the one who keeps people together. Like in one of his previous films, A Time for Drunken Horses, Bahman Ghobadi manages to capture strong human emotions and to contrast childhood with sharp expressions of suffering, directing a film mostly played by children with no previous experience in acting.

This film states something about the world we live in and gives us a different perspective than what we may think we know about it from sources which mostly don`t manage to deliver us this filled-with-emotions background. In this monumental landscape lies so much misfortune that hope is sought even in the lost arm of what was the statue of an oppressor, or in a can of kerosene, questioning free will, which in the context of the film is present mostly in decisions that could do harm.
(Turtles can fly, Bahman Ghobadi, 2005)

Text written by Alexandra Mocan


Hypnotized since 2005 by electronic sound, he describes music as a source of energy, love and inspiration.
Disco, house and techno are the vibrations that he sends out to his public with he likes to experiment new sounds. He started mixing in 2009 in UK at FluidBar where he become a resident.
He currently works as Stage Manager at two major Romanian festivals- Neversea and Untold.
In the last two years he took part at events and festivals like~ Neversea, Untold Festival, Electric Castle, Airfiled Festival, Daydreaming Experience, Durusa Summer Hills, Zain Design, Amural Festival, Delahoya, Atelier Cafe, Yolka, Terasa Baraka, Dupa Sky la Wu, Winter Tour Buscat, Control Club, Fluid Bar, Pe Ponton, Paradise Garage, Midi, Boiler, The Shelter, Les ECuries, Bistritz Sound, Gazette, Tube, Carioca. Chouette.

You can find him as a DJ / producer at Stereotype Bizarre, but also in other musical projects he is currently taking part in.



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Artwork: Alexandra Mocan

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