CSS: Notorious (George Tillman Jr. 2009) & dj set Dannilov


1 Martie 2018

Intrare liberă!

Documentaries about B.I.G. have focused on the final years of his life. “Notorious” tells us of a bright kid who was abandoned by his father, raised by a mother from Jamaica who laid down the rules and told the kids on the playground he would be famous some day. The sheer weight of all the bits and pieces of Biggie’s journey from the drug-soaked ghetto of his Bed-Stuy boyhood to artistic rap powerhouse and finally to the deadly streets of his newly minted manhood are enough to make the movie stand. However, viewed as a portrait of the 90s rap scene, Notorious also proves a gaudy and compelling powerhouse of a spectacle.
In “Notorious,” they show how talent can lift a kid up off the street corner, but can’t protect him in a culture of violence.






#ColectivaSilverScreen proposes a series of feature and documentary film screenings with dystopian, anarchist, activist, trangressive and other various underground culture related themes, ranging from the culture’s onset until the present day.

Artwork: Alexandra Mocan

Via Colectiva Silver Screen