CSS: Natural Born Killers (Oliver Stone,1994) & dj set MEN-D


16 Noiembrie 2017

Intrare liberă!

“Shot on film and video, in color and in black and white, Killers serves as a compendium of visual styles from documentary crude to MTV flash. Violent images from movies, TV and newspapers counterpoint the couple’s rampage. There’s even computer animation — Stone throws in an avenger as kid-vid hip as the action figures in Mortal Kombat.
Of course, the main attraction of Natural Born Killers itself is the sheer amount of graphic violence. Mickey and Mallory Rob diners, kill cops, rape citizens, and are generally deplorable people, but we can’t look away. They are anti-heroes of the tallest order, yet some of the most riveting and dementedly sympathetic characters ever created.
Finally, the soundtrack of Natural Born Killers deserve special mention, primarily because it fuels that rebellious and violent attitude the film is permeated with, while having so many awesome songs and bands ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Bob Dylan to L7 to Leonard Cohen to Peter Gabriel and more. This soundtrack combined with the frenetic and over-stylized presentation make the duration of Natural Born Killers feel like a 2 hour music video that never lets up on being as loud as possible.”




Men-D, also known as Micha Mendel, Transylvania native producer, educated by many great names in the Music industry at BPM sound school in Tel-Aviv. Dividing his schedule between hosting his weekly radio show Electroshow on Radio Cluj, monthly episode on Afterworld sessions,music production and A&R at Tronica Recordings.

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Artwork: Alexandra Mocan

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