CSS: It’s such a beautiful day/ Kung Fury & dj set Koúkla


11 Ianuarie 2018

Intrare liberă!

It’s such a beautiful day is an animation film created and compiled by Don Hertzfeldt în 2012. I say compiled because it’s made out of three short animations presenting the story of the same protagonist simply named BILL. Bill is a stick figure for whom the present and the past start to phase into each other under the guise of a mysterious mental disease. It presents a uniquely aesthetically and narratively appealing depiction of mental disease which doubles as a spiritual revelation, which brings to (my) mind the case of Dostoevsky’s epileptic seizures.
Without over-revealing I can say that :
1: Don Hertzfeldt once said în an interview that he does not trust happy people
and 2: the director is for stick figures what Warhol is for Spam / Campbells` cans.

Kung Fury

It’s an epic snapshot of the 80s pop-culture zeitgeist, so it’s obviously packed full with over the top ridiculous non-sense. However, it’s the non-sense of someone who’s in complete control of their craft, offering us viewers a journey that’s both amusing and thrilling.
(Calin Nahaiciuc)



She came in touch with mixing in 2016, music and electronic media had always been topics in her life.
She has been attending music school for 9 years, playing mostly violin and piano. But since she was exposed to electronic music, this influenced her decision to continue on the path of music but through mixing.

Koúkla is inspired to capture electronic world music, where she combines endless blends of tech-house, progressive house and mind-altering oriental tones with a pinch of acid.
Her sets are an exchange of melodic phrases that blur the lines between genres and allow its blend of synthetic, electronic and organic sounds to fill up any room.



#ColectivaSilverScreen proposes a series of feature and documentary film screenings with dystopian, anarchist, activist, transgressive and other various underground culture-related themes, ranging from the culture’s onset until the present day.

Artwork: Alexandra Mocan

Via Colectiva Silver Screen