CSS: HyperNormalisation (2016) / dj set Tomirăzvan


4 Ianuarie 2018

Intrare liberă!

“HyperNormalisation tells the extraordinary story of how we got to this strange times where events keep happening that seem inexplicable and out of control – from Donald Trump & Brexit, the War in Syria, the endless migrant crisis, and random bomb attacks, the increasing control and surveillance on our lives and the overall chaotic times we live in. The film shows that what has happened is that all of us in the West – not just the politicians and the journalists and the experts, but we ourselves – have retreated into a simplified, and often completely fake version of the world. But because “it is” all around us, we accept it as normal.”




#ColectivaSilverScreen proposes a series of feature and documentary film screenings with dystopian, anarchist, activist, trangressive and other various underground culture related themes, ranging from the culture’s onset until the present day.

Artwork: Alexandra Mocan