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Four Points of Enclosure – solo show Andrei Ciurdărescu

La MATCA 3 Octombrie 2018 Intrare liberă! Grădina este aici o reprezentare a viziunii pe care o poate avea omul despre natură. >….<: O continuă tranziție între om și natură unde un raport de tip flux-reflux regenerează un potențial climat și formă care pot fi atribuite unei grădini. Așa cum nimic nu poate exista separat […]

No Matter Where You Go, There You are – expoziție Matei Toșa

La MUZEUL DE ARTĂ CLUJ-NAPOCA 5 Iulie 2018 Intrare liberă! Curator: Alexandra Mocan Gazde: Márkos Tünde, Mihai Nuțu Se iau trei lingurițe de apă, opt lingurițe de făină și zahăr, două de amidon, trei de ulei, și jumătate de linguriță de esență de vanilie și migdale. Se toarnă în cercuri, se pun la cuptor, se umplu […]

CSS: Under the skin (2013) & dj set Vlad Ivva/Random Brandon

La COLECTIVA GAZETTE 7 Iunie 2018 Intrare liberă! Dj set on terrace:18:00 Film on terrace: 21:30 Dj set inside: 23:30 Materiality / Material / De-materialisation – Separation from the matter, losing or making it lose the matter it contains. This is where the aesthetic experience offered by director Jonathan Glazer starts in Under the skin, […]

I`d rather not say hello, but something else instead

La MATCA 7 Iunie 2018 Intrare liberă! Andreea Anghel // Alexandra Mocan 07.06.2018-28.06.2018 [Visiting the exhibition after the opening event requires reservation. You can contact us on our page or at the following number: 0746 469 034.] —————————————————————————————— Ship me from a place to another until meanings are lost. When the curtains fall, no one […]

Lansare de Carte: ‘Sus cu Viata’

La COLECTIVA GAZETTE 21 Aprilie 2018 Intrare liberă! Viaţa este un labirint de emoţii, important este s-avem propriul fir al Ariadnei în care să ne punem speranţa că ne va scoate la lumină. Dacă şi voi aţi auzit de expesia: viaţa bate filmul, atunci ştiţi unde să veniţi, să vedeţi confirmarea ei, eu vă aştept […]

CSS: 12 years of Gazette // Surprise Film // Sebastian Big / FDP

La COLECTIVA GAZETTE 19 Aprilie 2018 Intrare liberă! This edition is going to be about celebrating good music, good films, good vibes, dedicated work and friendship – all of them blended together under the establishment of Gazette, which is now turning 12! Most probably many of you got to know each other under its rooftop, […]

CSS: Streetwear Culture # Past & Future // dj set Oros

La COLECTIVA GAZETTE 12 Aprilie 2018 Intrare liberă! This following Thursday we`re screening `Fresh dressed`, and `The next black`, two short documentaries about the future of fashion, about the increasing industries and amounts of clothes bought by us, and mostly about how to find methods for raising awareness in the context of the tragedy of […]

Blackmesh # Gate Opening

Pe MEMORANDUMULUI 6 7 Aprilie 2018 “United colors of underground” Short story longer: # We are a bunch of motivated dreamers, opening a selective streetwear store right in the middle of Cluj Napoca. # We are representing our own brands combined with the ones we cherish, both locally and globally. # We are prepared to […]

CSS: Struggling to be be heard v.1 & dj set SUPER USER // Seme

La COLECTIVA GAZETTE 5 Aprilie 2018 Intrare liberă! Struggling to be heard – A compilation of short documentary films which aims to illustrate the often difficult process that some communities and/or individuals have to go through in order to express themselves, reaching a wider audience and also making a living in the dance music industry. […]

Hybrid Polarities

La MATCA 29 Martie 2018 Intrare liberă! On the other side of the sidewalk there is a lookalike which may have passed the Turing test and now understands you. Making out a distinction from dragged empathy to real emotions could require a Chinese room*. Wondering if there is any way to extinct mimicry – probably […]

CSS: Embrace of The Serpent (2015) & dj set Alexandru HG

La COLECTIVA GAZETTE 29 Martie 2018 Intrare liberă! The meaning of disease is that it is a trauma of nature, it is an interior conflict which man has to own by trying to function within the physiology of a collective organism. I believe that the meaning of every disease is its reintegration within one of […]

CSS: The Master [2012] & dj set Imocean Ki [Inertia Movement]

La COLECTIVA GAZETTE 22 Martie 2018 Intrare liberă! A hallucinating Iona woke up on a ferry alongside his saviour, a psychoanalyst who involves him in an existential conflict with himself, that’s what the film intrigue would be. The Master assumes the idea of ​​faith in a “Cause,” which can be a reverie of any doctrine, […]

CSS: Werckmeister Harmonies (Bela Tarr, 2000) & dj set Julian M

La COLECTIVA GAZETTE 15 Martie 2018 Intrare liberă! RO >>>>>>>> Werckmeister Harmonies ca si titlu subtilizeaza o schimbare facuta in canonul unor anumite armonii muzicale din istoria muzicii, metafora la zorii unor noi paradigme care se nasc din ciocnirea a doua lumi. Insa in film aproape ca nu e vorba de o explozie ideologica fatisa, […]

CSS: Meandre (Mircea Săucan, 1967) & dj set Vlad Ivva

La COLECTIVA GAZETTE 8 Martie 2018 Intrare liberă! Launched at first in 1967, right after its first projection, this film took a break from the public screen until the year of 1990, when it was re-discovered. Compared with Fellini`s `Otto e mezzo`, this film brings along with this reference an Antonioni breeze as well, and […]

CSS: Notorious (George Tillman Jr. 2009) & dj set Dannilov

La COLECTIVA GAZETTE 1 Martie 2018 Intrare liberă! Documentaries about B.I.G. have focused on the final years of his life. “Notorious” tells us of a bright kid who was abandoned by his father, raised by a mother from Jamaica who laid down the rules and told the kids on the playground he would be famous […]

Sorina Țibacov și Leontin Țibacov. Pictură – Instalație ceramică

La MUZEUL DE ARTĂ CLUJ-NAPOCA 20 Februarie 2018 Intrare liberă! Muzeul de Artă Cluj-Napoca (MACN), instituție publică de interes județean, care funcționează sub autoritatea Consiliului Județean Cluj, organizează, în perioada 20 februarie – 11 martie 2018, expoziţia artiștilor Sorina Țibacov și Leontin Țibacov. Vernisajul expoziţiei va avea loc marți, 20 februarie 2018, ora 18, în […]